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Buy Live Maine Lobster

It's true that you can buy live Maine lobsters at the grocery store or at a restaurant in locations all over the country. What isn't true is that it will taste the same as a live Maine lobster in Maine. Maintaining the exact natural water temperature and salinity that the lobsters need is difficult, and while the lobsters will survive, they just won't taste the same.

That's why we keep our lobsters in a specially designed, refrigerated holding facility that perfectly mimics their natural habitat. We constantly pump fresh seawater from the Atlantic into our pounds so that the lobsters we send to you have lived in their natural environment up until they are purchased, no matter what time of year you buy them.

You can stop by our location to take live lobsters with you at any time of the year. Call ahead at (207) 667-2977, and they will be ready when you arrive.

Buy Live Maine Lobster Any Time of Year

This allows you to buy your own fresh, live Maine lobster at any time, during every season. If you can't get to our seasonal eatery, located at 1237 Bar Harbor Road, Trenton, Maine 04605, then give us a call at (207) 667-2977 to place an order by phone or you can order online. All live lobsters are shipped overnight and will arrive on the date that you've specified in your order.

Because live Maine lobsters will not survive very long out of water, you should cook your lobster the day you receive it. Do not try to keep them alive by putting them in water! Getting all the factors just right is too difficult, and the lobster will die. You should cook your lobster as soon as possible, whether you plan to eat it that day or not. They can be reheated up to three days later after they have been cooked. Handling and reheating instructions are enclosed with each order.

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