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Gertrude GasconAlthough there are many ways to prepare lobster, at Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound® only one way will do. Boiled in fresh, clean seawater over a wood fire produces the best lobsters in the rough. This simple recipe has brought customers back for over six decades, providing quality and consistency in a rapidly changing world.

Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound® is located on Route 3 at 1237 Bar Harbor Road in Trenton, Maine, just before the bridge onto Thompson's and Mount Desert Island. It is hard to miss with the row of wood-fired cookers out front smoking away and the big sign on the roof that says, "LOBSTERS". At the present time, the seasonal eatery features boiled lobsters and steamed clams, clam chowder and lobster stew, lobster and crabmeat cocktails, lobster, crabmeat and tuna sandwiches, rolls and melted butter, with sides of potato salad and coleslaw. Crab dip as an appetizer has been added in recent years as well as Oysters. Blueberry cake and pie along with whoopie pies are available for dessert along with assorted ice cream bars. For those who are seafood challenged, peanut butter & jelly and ham & cheese sandwiches are available. Beverages include assorted sodas, coffee, hot & iced tea, beer and wine. Sorry, no fried or grilled foods. Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound® is grease-free!

In 1956, George and Gertrude Gascon, ten years in the military, were seeking to purchase property in Manset or Southwest Harbor to settle after retirement from the U.S. Navy. Gertrude's parents, John and Dorothy Dunbar, mentioned that Ogden's lobster pound was for sale. Because George still had ten years left to serve until retirement, an agreement was made that the Dunbars would operate the lobster pound while George finished his Naval career. The Gascons purchased the business from the Ogdens in 1956 and the Dunbars ran the operation for the next decade. George and Gertrude, true to plan, moved back to Manset in 1966 after retiring from the Navy.

The Gascons and Dunbars worked together at Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound® for another ten seasons. In 1976 John and Dorothy Dunbar retired from full-time work, at which time Anthony and Josette Pettegrow came into the business with Josette's parents, the Gascons. For the next few seasons, they all worked together with Grandfather John working part-time evenings and weekends.

In 1980, Anthony and Josette's son Warren was born, making four generations present at Trenton Bridge. Great-grandmother Dorothy was on the scene to take care of Warren while the rest of the family took care of the many customers, new and old.

The year 1981 saw the beginning of live lobster mail-order shipments nationwide via FedEx and UPS. Growing to include steamer clams, mussels, lobster meat and crabmeat, Maine scallops and shrimp, this part of the business has grown into a year-round operation including on-line sales at

Anthony and Josette bought the business from her parents in 1989. The following spring they built a refrigerated salt-water tank room behind the retail location, improving the ability to keep lobsters live and facilitating the growth of the mail-order business.

More storage and office space was added in 1994 to accommodate the expanding business Anthony created for Trenton Bridge. He had grown up in the lobster industry, working beside his father, Alfred, at his business, A.W. Pettegrow and Sons, on the Manset shore on Mt. Desert Island. During his childhood, he learned many valuable lessons from his father who was a well-known and respected lobster dealer. Anthony's expertise for buying and selling quality lobsters has earned him respect in both the national and international marketplace.

The company expanded again in 2001 with the acquisition of a tidal holding pound and tank room facility. After complete renovation with some of the newest technology available, this addition was up and running, ready to supply only the finest lobster. In 2017 this facility was sold. Trenton Bridge Lobster continues to purchase and sell lobsters to the public.

Presently, the multifaceted, 60-plus-year-old family business is thriving, and looking forward to serving you!