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Cold Water Lobster

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Cold water lobster can make the perfect meal by itself with nothing but a little butter, as cold water lobsters often have more meat and a more succulent taste than any other type of lobster. In addition, cold water lobster can be used to make a number of other dishes, such as stews, salads, and quiches. At Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound®, we carry the finest cold water lobsters found anywhere in the country.

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Our family has owned and operated Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound® for more than 60 years and we know how to hold and prepare lobsters so that they maintain their taste. Our fresh lobsters are kept in fresh seawater holding systems until you order them. We then send them via overnight delivery to you, ensuring that they taste just as fresh as if you were joining us in Maine to eat them.

Seasonally, you can visit us and order cold water lobsters right in our restaurant. You pick the lobster and then watch as we prepare it over wood-fired cookers, just as our family has for generations. We make it easy for you to order cold water lobsters online, too -- just pick the weight that you want and it'll be on its way to you, no matter where in the United States you are located. If you're worried that your lobster won't be fresh when it arrives, just see what our customers have had to say about our product on our website!

If you run a restaurant and need a seafood supplier, you can count on us for quality lobsters and top-notch customer service. In addition to fresh Maine lobsters, we also sell fresh softshell clams, mussels, and crabs--as well as several other seafood products. If you have any questions about cold water lobsters, contact us at (207) 667-2977 or by email at

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