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Corporate Food Gifts

If you are sending gifts to clients or employees, corporate food gifts from Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound® can convey your thanks and appreciation. People flock to Maine every season to dine on fresh Maine lobster. By ordering from us online or over the phone, you can send unique and succulent corporate food gifts that your clients and workers are certain to enjoy.

Want to send a quick "thank you" to a valuable client or business partner? We ship our fresh Maine lobsters using overnight delivery. Many of our customers are surprised by how fresh our lobsters are, even when they order from the other side of the country! You can show your gratitude in a way that will make a memorable impression!

Are you unsure if your clients are prepared to receive a gift of live lobsters? We have gift cards available for all our packages or in any dollar amount of your choosing. At Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound®, we've been in the lobster business for several generations. Our family-owned and operated business prepares lobsters the same way that our family did over 60 years ago. We've built our relationships with local lobstermen and seafood harvesters over those decades, so we offer only the highest quality seafood to our customers. We store our lobsters in specially constructed holding tanks into which fresh seawater is pumped continually to maintain the lobsters' flavor.

In addition to fresh lobsters and lobster tails, we also have freshly harvested mussels and crabmeat, as well as a number of other seafood products. Not sure what corporate food gifts you should order from us? Contact us at (207) 667-2977 or by email at and we'll help you determine the best corporate food gift to suit your needs.

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