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If you're a seafood lover who wants to taste live Maine lobster the way that it was meant to be prepared and served, there's no better place to visit than Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound®. We're a family owned and operated business that has been preparing fresh lobster and clams for more than 50 years in Trenton, Maine. You can select your lobster and then watch us prepare it using wood-fired cookers, just like we have for years.

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In addition to live Maine lobster, we have several other savory dishes to complete your meal. Pair your lobster with freshly harvested clams--whether you want them steamed or prepared in clam chowder. If you want a change of pace, try our crab sandwich or crab cocktail. You'll also find side dishes like cole slaw, potato salad, and desserts that perfectly complement our live Maine lobsters.

If you can't make it up to Maine to try our lobsters, we also ship products all over the United States. While 1 1/4 pound lobsters are the average size for a dinner, you can pick a lobster that weighs up to four pounds. We also ship fresh softshell clams, crabmeat, and mussels. With overnight delivery, your lobsters will be just as fresh as they would have been had you come to visit us.

At Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound®, we sell only the finest fresh seafood from Maine to both customers and retailers. If you need a supplier for your restaurant, count on us for dependable and courteous service. If you have any questions about live Maine lobsters or our other seafood products, contact us at (207) 667-2977 or by email at for more information.

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