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Maine Clam Bake

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If you want your guests to end up singing like the cast of "Carousel," give them a Maine clam bake a la the Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound®. We buy all of our seafood fresh from local fishermen, transport it to our high-tech facility that mimics its natural environment and make sure that the water is fresh, clean and exactly the right temperature and salinity.

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When you place your order, we will ship your clams overnight so they arrive at your door on the day and date you've specified, alive and ready to cook. Steam your clams the day they arrive with corn and potatoes to get a real taste of Maine. With all the right ingredients, your guests will think they're at a clam bake in Maine.

Buying Clams for an Authentic Maine Clam Bake

You can order all the live softshell steamer clams you need for an authentic Maine clam bake from our online store or by phone. You can add one pound or several to any order of lobsters. If you wish to order clams alone, there is a minimum of five pounds. Give us a call and we'll give you a quote! Our phone number is (207) 667-2977. You can also stop by our storefront, which is located at 1237 Bar Harbor Road, Trenton, Maine 04605. We ship all across the U.S., even to Alaska and Hawaii.

When deciding how many pounds of clams you will need, a good rule of thumb is one pound per person as an appetizer-size portion.

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