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The best lobster has a sweet taste and can be used to make spectacular meals. With lobster delivery from Maine, you don't have to settle for the frozen or imitation lobster meat found in most grocery stores. Instead, you can enjoy the tastiest lobster straight from the cold waters of the North Atlantic without ever having to leave your home.

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Over the generations that we have owned and operated Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound®, we've developed a sound system to ensure that we offer our customers only the finest lobsters. It starts with inspecting each lobster that we purchase from local fishermen. If you have the opportunity to visit us in Maine, you can pick your lobster and watch us prepare it the same way our family has for years, over wood-fired cookers.

For the taste of fresh lobsters, we offer overnight delivery of Maine lobsters throughout the year. Afraid that your delivered lobsters won't taste as good as a lobster ordered at our restaurant in Maine? Rest assured, we have years of experience shipping lobsters all over the country and guarantee that they'll be of excellent quality and full of delicious flavor. You can read what many of our customers have said about our service and lobsters on our website.

We offer you several options for your Maine lobster delivery. You can purchase packages of up to ten lobsters online. If you'd like more than ten or perhaps a larger lobster, contact us to inquire about availability. In addition to fresh lobster, we also carry several other seafood products such as crabmeat and mussels. Contact us at (207) 667-2977 or by email at if you have any questions about our lobsters or shipping procedures.

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