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Maine lobster meat is a real delicacy. If you're planning a special meal, or just want to experience the taste of New England, there's nothing better than ordering Maine lobster meat. We ship live Maine lobsters, frozen cooked lobster meat and frozen raw lobster tails all year long, all over the country.

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It would take anywhere from four to nine pounds of live lobster to yield about one pound of meat. If you're planning to use your lobsters for meat in recipes like quiche or stew, it is better to order lobster meat than whole lobsters. Not only is it easier than cooking and shelling the whole lobster, but it's also more cost-effective.

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At Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound®, all of our lobster meat is cooked in the traditional Maine way--live and fresh in seawater over wood fires. It is then immediately packaged and frozen, making it the freshest frozen lobster meat available. We ship all of our seafood overnight, so it arrives as fresh as possible. You can also come pick it up if you're in the area. We're located at 1237 Bar Harbor Road, Trenton, Maine 04605.

We sell frozen, cooked lobster meat by the pound. As with all of our seafood, orders of over 10 pounds must be made by special arrangement by calling (207) 667-2977. When you combine products in one order, you save -- so plan your menu with clams or mussels and scallops or crabmeat in mind.

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