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Maine Lobster Tails

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If you want no-fuss fine dining, Maine lobster tails provide you with all the decadence of fresh Maine lobster and none of the mess. There are several options for serving lobster tails, such as pairing them with steak, using them in a seafood salad, or simply enjoying them on their own. For an elegant meal with succulent flavor, order your lobster tails from us at Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound®.

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We serve only the finest fresh seafood, caught off the coast of Maine in the cold North Atlantic waters. Since 1956, our family has owned and operated Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound® and worked with local fishermen to provide customers with Maine lobsters the way that they were meant to be served--traditionally and full of taste. If you want a genuine Maine lobster culinary experience, there's nothing better than selecting your live lobster from our holding tanks and then watching us prepare it with our wood-fired cookers.

To indulge in the sweet taste of Maine lobster tails anywhere, you can order them from us online. Don't settle for warm water lobster tails--cold water lobster tails, like the ones that we sell, have a sweeter taste and are easier to prepare. At Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound®, we offer you exceptional quality at reasonable prices, so you can treat your taste buds to the best.

In addition to fresh Maine lobster tails, we carry several other superior seafood products. You'll find fresh lobsters, clams, crabmeat, and more--all from Maine. If you have any questions about ordering lobster tails, contact us at (207) 667-2977 or by email at

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