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Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound® sells Maine lobsters shipped directly to the public. You don't have to own a restaurant to order our succulent live Maine lobster. We are the seafood source for customers all over the country, and we can ship lobsters to you, too! If you want to enjoy real Maine seafood in the comfort of your own home, wherever that may be, give us a call!

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All of the lobsters we sell are purchased from local fishermen who work only off the Maine coast. Each lobster is inspected carefully before being transported directly to our holding facility in Trenton, Maine. After their very short trip, they're placed in our refrigerated tanks, where the temperature and salinity matches their natural habitat perfectly.

Get Fresh Live Maine Lobster Overnight

Each lobster is carefully inspected again before it gets shipped to you, and we are able to ship to all 50 states in the U.S. We package our lobsters and send them directly to you overnight. They arrive at your door the next day, alive and well and ready to be cooked. If you can't eat them immediately, place them in the refrigerator for up to a few hours, or cook them first, and refrigerate the whole cooked lobster for up to three days.

Stop by sometime and enjoy a real Maine lobster with us. Our seasonal eatery, located at 1237 Bar Harbor Road, Trenton, Maine 04605, is open from Father's Day to Columbus Day. While you're here, you can also place an order to be shipped directly, or take your lobster with you. If you want to pick up some lobster to go, give us a call. Our number is (207) 667-2977.

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