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Foliage pictures shared by R. Williams from his recent trip to Acadia. 




I am enclosing 2 photos from our 52nd anniversary celebration dinner. We have been enjoying Trenton Bridge lobsters ever since 52 years ago on our honeymoon in Maine we stopped by your lobster pound to have a lobster (which was the first either one of us had a whole lobster). We followed directions which you had hanging on the wall over the table.

Of course we had a bucket of steamers.

This has been a yearly tradition to get lobster from you - either visiting Maine or through mail.

Our family has grown since then - 3 children who gave us 6 grandchildren. Hopefully, we have many more years to order from you. Amount depends on which of our families are visiting us.

Thanks for being a part fo our anniversary dinner and supplying us with the most delicious lobsters and steamers that is available.

B & W Lichtenberger 


Dinner tonight was outstanding as always! Thank you for what you do for us when we visit Bar Harbor. It's always such a great treat!

The Tremblay and Peters families


We are from Arkansas. We came to Providence, RI for a conference 21 years ago in September as newlyweds (life's more wonderful the second time around). We drove up the coast to see Acadia National Park and stopped to have some fresh lobster at your place. It has been a wonderful memory that we've told over and over. Well, we have been on a three-week tour of 9 states ending back in Maine, again hoping to find Trenton Bridge Lobsters and we did!

Our memories were right -- the freshest, best tasting lobsters, ever! Thank you for a second wonderful bucket list memory. After reading all the testimonies, I've now realized that I can order lobsters and have them delivered fresh at home. how wonderful! I think my grown kids are in for a surprise. Thank you for this wonderful memory!

Donald & Kay Dunn


We were there last year from the Queen Mary and told you that we would never forget you. So, today, I found your business card and placed an order. You have the best lobster we have ever tasted anywhere in the world, stay safe and Happy Holidays.

Dale, Longmont, CO 

We have been coming to Trenton Bridge for two millennia (but we're not all that old), so it's no wonder they can't officially open in May without us. A Maine friend thought we were full of (ahem) "tamale" when we told her we had found the world's best lobster pound. A smirk, I believe, is how she punctuated her disbelief. At the time, we were from NY and, well, you know how cocky New Yawkahs can be. Suffice it to say, she ate her words., along with a 2 lb. lobster and an order of steamers

Judith, NH

This comes to thank you for expediting delivery of our "thank you lobsters" to dear friends in Alabama. As advertised, the lobsters arrived on time and, with pictures to prove, made for a delightful dinner treat.

Appreciatively, Mary Jane, CT

20 years ago yesterday, we tasted our first Trenton Bridge lobsters. It was on my birthday and we did that at the Pound. We have been back on my birthday two more times since. But, every year we haven't made it we have ordered them. Your wonderful lobsters have become a birthday tradition. Something I really look forward to. Thanks to you and my lovely bride, I had another wonderful birthday party.

Warmly, Larry, ND

I just have to say that we flew in 12 lobsters for our first annual LOBSTERFEST ON SLOP CREEK and what a wonderful time we had! These were some of the best lobsters everyone had ever had!!! Ordered on Thursday and arrived 10:00 Saturday morning! We of course had the wonderful wines to go with them, but what delicious food and great service we received from Trenton Bridge!!! Highly recommend for a special event!!! Thank you so much!!!

Glenda, Russellville, TN

Just got home from a wonderful two-week trip to Maine. Had dinner every night at Trenton Bridge.

We plan our vacation around when it opens! It's the only place for lobster!

Barbie, Greenville

Working on a glowing recommendation from the owner of a local bar, the lobsters were absolutely delicious! II've already recommended and passed along ordering info to several family members in New Jersey. The family is still raving about the "best lobsters ever!"

Alissa, New Jersey

Been going to Trenton for 36 years and we'll see you in June for 37. Best lobsta in Maine -- actually New England!

Raymond, R.I.

Want to give you "A-1 Superb" on recent shipment. Could not be better in every respect!! Will be doing this again, maybe in combo with steamers.

Thanks, Ron

The lobsters we ordered on Monday morning arrived mid-morning on Tuesday. We cooked them that evening according to your instructions and they were fabulous! We've enjoyed visiting the Bar Harbor area with friends for several years. Unfortunately, they couldn't join us last year so we decided to bring the lobster to them. We had a great evening of sweet, succulent lobster, a fine glass or two of wine and the company of dear friends. What more could you want! We would not hesitate to order from you again and would certainly recommend your Pound.

Linda, WI

The lobsters and steamers I ordered, for my two brothers and family, arrived last Friday the 7th of December, in Bridgeport, WA, in perfect condition. I had my brother give me a report and was told they all (5 of them) enjoyed the "feast" and told me they were the freshest and sweetest they have ever had. Thank you for a job well done and for your "impeccable Customer Service." Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Sue M., Mansfield, MA

Our family enjoys Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound lobstersHere is a picture of my family preparing to enjoy your wonderful lobsters. The lobsters, like always, were outstanding — sweet meat and so easy to cook. Thank you for all your wonderful service.

Best regards,
Charley R

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Pettegrow and Family…

I wanted to introduce ourselves early, so that you can prepare all the lobster boats for our arrival.

We will be arriving tomorrow afternoon, June 25, and I would expect that our first meal, as soon as we get the motorhome set up, will be at your place.

Please advise what time we should stop by and what you have planned for dessert.

It is my full intention to decrease the surplus population of lobsters to a level not seen before in modern years.

With your help, we will attempt to do so over the next six weeks as we will be staying at the Narrows Too campground.

I have reviewed your website as well as your 'about us' page. I must say, it took at least three napkins for me to finish reading the last paragraph.

Therefore, we look forward to visiting with you and depending upon the price for lobster, becoming close family.

We will see you as soon as we arrive. Smiling

Rev. Dr. Tom & Valerie S.


Lobster Boil from Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the lobsters that you delivered to us this past Saturday. Attached is a photo of the (10) 2lb lobsters cooking away.
They were great.
Hope you have a good summer.

Bill & Gayle G.
Pittsburgh, PA

To everyone at Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound,

We got our lobsters and steamers this afternoon and just finished dinner. Everything was great, the steamers were a perfect appetizer, and the lobsters were sweet and delicious.

We ate 2 each and will have the remaining 2 tomorrow on a fresh roll. Very excited.

In addition to the seafood, we had a nice wine from Nova Scotia, Jost Vineyards...

Thanks! It was a treat!
Andy & Ellen
South Carolina Coast
(home of the best oysters, shrimp & blue crabs, not to mention speckled trout & red fish)


To everyone at Trenton Bridge,

My wife and I realized that we have been ordering from you for our Holiday Party for over 20 years now. We have many great memories with our closest friends and Trenton Bridge Lobsters.

Thanks for 20+ years of always sending the best lobster in the world!

As you can see from the photo, great lobster attracts great friends! Looking forward to next year already.

Best Regards,
Frank & Cheryl McC.

Josette and the Trenton Bridge Crew,

Happy New Year! I'm writing to say thank you very much for making our New Year's Eve the best in years. The lobster arrived in the AM on 12/31 and I couldn't wait to get the water boiling. We couldn't have been more pleased. We shared them with the friends we went camping with on Acadia two summers ago. We were all badly craving fresh Maine lobster. I think this will become our new tradition to ring in the new year. Our best to all of you up there. Stay warm and be well.

Claudia S.

Just wanted to thank you for doing such a wonderful job packing our lobsters to bring back to NJ. We needed them packed to last 2 days and they did. We put them in the fridge on Saturday when we arrived home and when we opened the box on Sunday for our lobster party, the gel packs were still frozen and the lobsters were in great shape. Thank you for your kindness and for the extra care you took to make sure our special treat was a success!!!

Ken & Gayla G.
Milford, NJ



My family and I visited your restaurant last Saturday when we were in Bar Harbor and loved the whole experience. Everyone who worked there was kind and courteous; thank you for a wonderful experience. If I send you the correct amount of money for the postcard and the postage, would you be able to send me a postcard for our family's collection from your restaurant? Thank you in advance.

Heather F.

To Whom It May Concern,

I ordered 4 lobsters and scallops earlier this week to send to my father (as he has visited your store in ME and loved your lobsters) for his birthday! It was the best present - he was so surprised; the lobsters arrived fresh and alive and the taste was unbelievable. I have decided to make this a tradition for his birthday each year. I think we will have to start inviting others in the family too - and will just have to order more lobsters! Look for an order from me next year at this time! :)

Thanks again! We love Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound® and will definitely be ordering online or visiting you in Maine soon!


Lobster and steamers arrived as scheduled. Quality of your products is outstanding and greatly enjoyed by guests.

Tim McD.

Hi there! My husband and I ate at your place a few weeks ago when we toured Maine and really enjoyed ourselves!! Thanks so much!

Just a note of thanks. Thanks for all the help. We received everything just fine, and everything was fresh. I used every ounce of seaweed. I cooked everything in a 4 foot x 2 foot deep, stock tank.

I must tell you, it turned out perfect. Everything was done just right, lobsters were perfect and sweet. The thank you cards are still pouring in. I would recommend your company anytime. Feel free to have anyone contact me. A true New England Clam Bake is just around the corner to anyone.


Thanks Again,
John & Anita M.
Grand Junction, Colorado

Just a quick note to thank you for your outstanding service. We received our order right on time, the lobsters were fresh and everyone had a wonderful time at our party. Thank you so much and rest assured that we will use you again and recommend you to others. We are full and happy!

Warm Regards,
Dean and Lissa T.
Arvada, CO

We just finished the lobster and what a wonderful feast. IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!!! Thank you so much for the wonderful lobster and service. I will highly refer you to anyone who wants to know where to get good lobster.

Thanks again,
Mike H.

Many thanks for the delicious lobster we bought this week. Everything arrived as promised and we had a wonderful family celebration with lobsters as the highlight! Truly the best lobster any of us have ever had!

Lesley A.

John from Florida

Dear Trenton Bridge Crew. Thank you for sending us those prime crustaceans again this Christmas. We must be related because you would do that only for a relative.

Happy cracking!!!
John P., Florida

Just wanted you to know how much we enjoyed the lobster. I was so naïve when initially placing the order to not realize they came ALIVE! I was a little skittish about it, and in fact one of the two was so lively I thought he might be able to run across my kitchen floor! And what strong claws they have! The other grabbed a hold of a clump of seaweed like there was no tomorrow! Well, there wasn't~ ; )

I steamed them (neither they nor I screamed) and popped them into ziplocks to take to the Pacific coast, where I was headed the following day. That evening we heated them for a couple of minutes in boiling water, and they were fantastic. Thanks again for such a dynamic experience - - and one that I won't soon forget! : )

Best Regards,
Polly (PJ) H.

Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the Trenton Bridge "intimate dinner" we received as a gift! What fun we had with it! It was enjoyed by four for Easter!

Thank you! Have a good week!
Janis M.

My wife is the original "Bar Harbor Girl". She was born in Bar Harbor so its very essence runs through her veins. We live in New Hampshire but return to Bar Harbor as often as possible. Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound is an absolute "must stop" for us at least 6 times per year! Josette and Cubby always make us feel welcome. They prepare the world's best lobster better than anyone else in Maine. We highly recommend TBLP to everyone we know who is heading to Bar Harbor.

If you love lobster, don't miss a fabulous lunch or dinner at TBLP!
Frank & Diane Z.

Another Wonderful New Year's Eve at Home ... This makes our nineteenth at home with lobsters since we visited Maine in 1987...

Jules D.

Dear Friends,

Thank you for the wonderful lobsters we ordered for our family's annual Christmas gathering! We have wanted to do this ever since we visited your Trenton Bridge location following our daughter's graduation from Bates College in Lewiston. Everything was perfect -- the lobsters arrived on time and were absolutely delicious. There is no question this will be an annual event for our family during the Christmas season.

Janice A., Spirit Lake, IA

I live in suburban Pittsburgh and vacationed in New England this year. I ate a lot of seafood while on vacation. Your restaurant was the best I visited during my fortnight in New England. I also appreciated the pointers the staff gave me in selecting a lobster. I have eaten at a lot of establishments across this country. When I talk about restaurants, I give your restaurant my highest recommendation.

Jack E., Carnegie, PA

Thank You for a great lunch. Brought my two friends with me on vacation. They couldn't say enough about TBLP. I have been returning to Bar Harbor for 31 years and love it more every time. See you next year. Sent home lobster to the kids and everything arrived as you told me it would; I loved the crab sandwich.

Diana L., Orland Park, IL

We had a superb lobster made slightly more exciting by the 3.9 quake on Oct 2, 2006. However, my fellow campers in Blackwoods claimed the sound of the falling rock down the Precipice might have been more thrilling. It may have been, but it would have been hard to beat the lobster. Truly excellent. Just what lobster should be! Simple and sweet!

Jim and Pan, Simsbury, CT

Hi to everyone at Trenton Bridge!!

Thank you for packing and sending the delicious lobsters that my folks had shipped to me. I've attached a few photos of our feast of steamers and lobsters. You'll notice I'm wearing my TBLP sweatshirt in one photo. Thanks again for the yummy birthday gift and see you all next summer! Cathy S.

Our family has been coming to Bar Harbor for the last four years and ever since we discovered TBLP, we have taken every single meal there the whole duration of our stay (excluding breakfast - only because you are closed). We just got back from Prout's Neck, Maine last week .. with a small baby girl (she hasn't had the pleasure of TBLP) we could only go about half the distance. We actually pondered driving another four hours up just to try to get a good lobster feast in but the weather was bad so we went home defeated. That is how good you all are .. great family running TBLP, best lobster .. what else is there? See you next summer!

Teresa Y.

Hello from Houston, TX,

The lobsters arrived yesterday in wonderful condition. Our lobster dinner for 6 was a huge success. We declared this our family's First Annual Trenton Bridge Lobster Feast! Thanks to all of the Trenton Bridge crew for making this a new family ritual of summer here in Houston.

Hope to visit you in October,
Dolores D., Houston, TX

If you want the best Maine lobster experience... this is the only place to be. Everything is top-notch, you choose, they deliver. The best of the best no doubt.

JoAnn F. & Edward R., Bethlehem, PA

We have been meaning to write our comments from our exceptional visit to the Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound on the last day of the Season, Columbus Day 2005! The lobster was the best we have EVER had - the chowder was also wonderful and most of all, everyone at the Lobster Pound was so friendly and inviting. We can't wait to visit again! Thank You for sharing your wonderful lobster with us.

Michael and Phyllis F., Coralville, IA

Comments from the Missouri Ozarks: Hello to the gang at Trenton Bridge.

I just stumbled across your web-page and had to relay a little story from our last trip up your way.

My wife and I have been vacationing in the fall in New England now for about 10 years and the last 7 or 8 years have been stopping to eat with you folks at least once or twice each trip. Just love the food and surroundings, especially your Dad, Josette.

Anyway the last trip up we had my Mother and my sister with us. Traveling up highway 1 and it was close to Noon when we passed thru Ellsworth. I knew where I was headed, ha! but my sister spoke up saying that there was a place to eat not far ahead that she had really enjoyed. Well I told her that we had a favorite spot also not far down the road. Knowing we were getting close to Trenton Bridge I made this deal with her. "The one we come to first we will eat at." She agreed. Would you believe that we both yelled at the same time when your sign came into view.

Now my Mom has a favorite place also.

See you in September.
Don & Edna G.

Dear All, I just wanted to tell you we enjoyed our Lobsters and clams and the service you gave us over the phone..... It was such a treat for us, and brought back fun memories of Maine.

Thank You,
Suzanne and Don P.

Have been eating your lobsters since you opened in 1957 and even though I don't get back to Brewer often enough, we always make the trip to get our Trenton Bridge Lobsters every summer. My grown children now are taking their children .... 3 generations and counting.

Pat C., Manchester, CT.

Dear Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound people,

Thanks for the awesome dinner! We were wandering around Maine this past week and asking people for the best lobster place ever, and we were referred to you by like a bazillion people. We went and everything, from picking out the lobster, to watching the guy in the parking lot cook (and direct traffic!!!) to standing in line to wash our hands, was awesome!! It was so cool, and the atmosphere is great. You walk in and immediately everyone there is your friend! It was so cool!!

A special thanks to y'all for finding my sweater on the floor and saving it for us ... It would be me who was so caught up in eating that awesome meal that I forgot a necessary part of my wardrobe!! Anyhow, keep it up with the lobster. Good times.

Anyhow, you guys are awesome! And I hope to come back one day soon. OK, so we live in Ohio, so soon may not be really soon, but eventually I hope to head back and eat some pretty much awesome lobster.

Joanne I., Cuyahoga Falls, OH

The best lobster is at Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound!
She said, "If I wear the bib, do I get some too?"

Joe C.

Received our 8-lobster order at the opposite corner of the USA (Arizona), and all were alive and in good condition. My office staff and family thank you for a special dinner.

Dr. Dent

The best lobster is at Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound!Hello there in Maine!

In May 2002 we visited Maine and by chance we really got the best lobsters we ever had. It was yummy and unforgettable. Trenton lobsters are the best and Maine is a beautiful place for the best vacation!

Best regards, Agnes & Ruediger from Germany.

Thank you for shipping my order of lobstermeat to Asheville, N.C. last Friday. The call to check on its arrival was much appreciated. The 60th birthday party was great and, needless to say, the Lobster Newburg was the hit of the party! The meat was so fresh I could even identify the sea air when I opened it. Thanks again.

Ramona R.

SeafoodWhat a feast! You made 6 people very happy last night (not to mention full!) and we all want to thank you. We are so impressed with the care of your shipping and packing techniques, the quality of the lobsters, and the little extras like instructions and the lobster bibs. Only 2 clams of the 13 pounds of them were crushed, and the clams tasted divine. The lobsters were lively and in great shape, and cooked up as sweet and tender as a dream. All in all, we are thrilled to have found you, and thank you for this wonderful service that you offer to all of us who can't get over to you as often as we'd like. Have a great New Year, everyone.

Sandy V.
Appalachian Mountains of VA

The SacrificeFriends,

Our lobsters got here yesterday in fine shape, and right on time. They were great. A picture of "the sacrifice" is attached. I hope Nola and Shawn stopped by this week. They are honeymooning in Bar Harbor and we told them about you. Nola is a petite cute blond. You would have noticed her. Next year we plan to have our "annual" lobster feast on site. Looking forward to it.

Many thanks,
Larry K.
Fargo, ND

SeafoodHello to all the people of TBLP!

Just wanted to let ya know your place was one of the highlights of our last trip to Maine! We got 2 Lobsters cooked and ready to eat and took them back to the house we were staying at. They were DELICIOUS! The people there at Trenton Bridge were so polite and friendly. Our candlelight Lobster and wine dinner was a PERFECT ending to our day in Bar Harbor. We have ordered some shipped to us since and they arrived perfect. Keep up the GREAT work! P.S. we check the webcam EVERY day..thank you for putting it up!

Rob and Andrea S. - Indiana

Just wanted to say a hearty THANK YOU to all of you at Trenton Bridge. We were up there a few weeks ago and stopped in for the BEST lobster we've ever had in our 40-some years on this planet!!! We wish we could just camp on your doorstep. Meanwhile, we also had 5 lbs. shipped to some relatives in Maryland and they raved, too. We've already passed on your website to a few people and will use it again ourselves next time we want some REAL lobster!!!

Sue & David A. in Michigan (too far from the sea)

Trenton Bridge Lobster Just wanted to give you some feedback regarding my recent order. I received the 6 - 1 1/2 pound lobsters and 10 lbs. of clams I ordered. They arrived on time, packed wonderfully and soooo fresh.

We had a wonderful Lobster boil and steamed the clams and they were FANTASTIC!! I was so happy with the quality of your product that I plan on ordering frequently and I will tell everyone I know.

Thanks for having such a quality product.

Stephanie D.

A big hello to all who appreciate this website:

I only want to express my feelings about this little place somewhere in the big U.S. I'm from Germany and I dropped by on my 5-week trip through New England. And I can tell one thing. Eating lobster in this little location, with this fascinating cooker in front of it, was really one of the highlights on my vacation. The lobster was really delicious and I will tell my friends that if they plan a vacation in this region, they have to stop at the Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound and have a lobster.

Thanks for the great experience!

Thomas T.

To whom it may concern,
LobsterJust wanted to tell you how good the lobsters were that I received yesterday... I will tell all about the great job that you did with the lobsters packing and the food. The party was great and I will spread the word. Really enjoyed the service and the prices were the best. Thank you again.

Jayne P.

Hello up there in Maine:
The lobsters I ordered arrived right on time and were all alive and kicking. Thanks so much for helping to make a lot of lobster lovers very happy. Best regards,

Barbara M.

On Friday, I received an order of 5 lobsters that Laurel had taken the order for and you folks shipped out on Thursday. I just wanted to let you know that your service was extraordinary and the lobsters were wonderful. It is amazing that we can have live lobsters shipped anywhere in the country. Thank you to all who did the work. Thanks again,

Ralph R.

ClamsI would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for the outstanding service and hospitality that you showed to us on our High Adventure Trip last summer. ..... The boys still talk about the wonderful lobster and clam dinner that you served for us. The members of Troop 507 send a thousand thanks for your commitment and graciousness to us while we were in your company. Thank you so very much.

Leaders of Boy Scout Troop 507, Medina, Ohio

I really love your tide cam. I have set it as my startup page. It reminds me that in less than 3 weeks I will be there on vacation.

John S.

SeafoodAs a Mainer in Exile (hometown: Bar Harbor, graduate MDES & MDIHS), I sure appreciated stumbling across your Tide Cam. Stuck outside the DC Beltway as I am now, I fall on images of home like a dieter on a box of donuts. Since the folks are still up there (lucky devils), I can get a sense of what the weather's like for them, too. As I have driven past your establishment about ten bajillion times in my lifetime, it's wonderful to have a familiar sight to click onto from afar.

Hannah B.

Got your lobster yesterday and did our first ever lobster boil. What a feast. Thanks a million!

Charles T.