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When you need a dependable supplier, you want us!

Domestic and international supplier of quality live lobster, softshell clams and live crabs.

It's a fact that the cold North Atlantic waters yield the sweetest, most succulent lobsters of all. But it's the care with which they are handled that makes all the difference in quality and satisfaction.

The Trenton Bridge Way

Nearby, in this region's pristine coastal waters by the open ocean, we have "natural environment" holding pounds with ample capacity to supply our wholesale customers year-round.

This is where our expertise prevails. Before being transported the short distance from these waters to our operational facility, each lobster is hand inspected for health and vital qualities. Because this initial transport time is so brief, our lobsters are subjected to little or no stress, resulting in an outstanding product.

The "seasoning" process begins

At our Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound® site, we have designed and constructed a holding system that simulates the lobster's natural environment. It is housed in an enclosed structure, and refrigerated for temperature control.

This is where "seasoning" begins. Here, fresh seawater from our immediate shores is pumped into our specifically engineered holding tanks supported by a scientifically simulated bio-filter system. This constantly maintains absolute cleanliness, while the use of this sparkling, polished seawater sustains our lobster's natural goodness and flavor.

And Our Quality Control Goes On

As every order is filled, each lobster is again inspected for quality and then carefully packed. We take pride in all our work. Satisfied customers are the result!

We are CCSF and HACCP certified and also hold a valid CFN number, ensuring complete compliance with Federal regulations.

We promise prompt, courteous service to bring you the finest quality product, second to none.

Your business is important and appreciated!